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Frequently asked questions

1. Do you guys have a physical shop? Can I come visit you to see what plants I want to order?

Unfortunately we are a pure online shop and we do not allow visits.

2. Can I ask general plant and tank advice from you?

Of course you are welcome to but I think it would be more benneficial and you would get a faster answer if you join a aquatic plant forum such as www.apsa.co.za- there is lots of brilliant information on this topic and the guys there are a friendly bunch!

3. Can I call you?

Unfortunately I don’t prefer this method of communication for various reasons. Please feel free to email me. However, my cellphone number will be supplied in my confirmation email (of your order) to you, once your order has been confirmed. I don’t mind being contacted via WhatsApp but please be reasonable. No text messages after 8:30 pm and before 8am please.

 My order
4. The plants that I received don’t look the same as the ones I ordered online. Did you send me the wrong plants?

You could be mistaken as many of the plants (90%) that I grow are emersed plants. This in short, means that they are grown out of water and may look totally different to the ones underwater. But don’t worry, aquatic plants transform from emersed plants to submerged plants once you plant them under water! This by itself is amazing to see as well! So please check the name of the plant in question and search for its emersed form online and see if it is indeed the same plant? If not, please contact me with photo evidence and I will gladly replace/resend/refund that plant for you.

5. When is the best time to order and pay for plants so that I get my plants timeously?

I send my orders off from Mondays to Wednesdays. Your order is ONLY shipped once the money has been cleared by the bank or when a proof of payment has been sent to us.

So the best time to order would be on a Sunday during the day. Send us the proof of payment so that your order will be sent without much delay.

6. I have just paid, I am at the same bank as BetterWeather. Why is my order status not changed yet to “Payment Accepted”?

This is a manual process that I have to check and usually only update once I get a cleared amount in our account. If you want to you can send your proof of payment to shihr@betterweather.co.za and we will update it.

7. I haven’t received any communications with regards to my order?!

Please check in your junk mail first. If you still don’t see any emails, please feel free to email us.

8. I saw a plant that I missed or want now, I would like to amend my order so I dont pay an extra charge. How do I do this?

Please send me an email and I will gladly amend your order manually for you. I will also send you the new amount to pay to our account.

9. What kind of address should I use?

Please supply us with a day time street address with a valid telephone / cellphone number.

10. What are the opperating times of your courier service?

Our courier service works from Mondays – Fridays 8am - 5pm not including public holidays.

11. I live in a plot/an area not easily accessible. 1. Would it be possible to send my order through South African Post Office, counter to counter? 2. How

1. Yes we will ship counter to counter with SAPO, though, we do prefer door to door with our courier as they offer insurance. Please contact us to arrange this after you complete your order so we can take note.
2. Please use a PO BOX address for your order. Alternatively you can also just use the name / area of your post office. Please remember to include the postal code.
3. No extra charge will be incurred.

12. What service do you use to send your orders?

We use an overnight door to door courier service that is insured (via Courier Guy). Sometimes parcels are delivered on the day I send them. This is only in Gauteng.

13. When do you ship your orders?

Mondays to Wednesdays only. This is done to prevent any delays and potentially have your order stay over the weekend at the courier company. Please note that your order is only sent when proof of payment is received or when the payment has been cleared by the bank. Please send all your proof of payments to shihr@betterweather.co.za 

ps. If your order is delayed, we may send it out on Thursday if you are not in a outlying location. Please note that this does not apply to orders received on Wednesdays.

14. How long does it take for me to receive my order?

We usually send our orders (Mondays - Wednesdays) as soon as your order payment has been accepted (proof of payment or cleared into our account).
If you are in:
- Gauteng: Same day delivery service is used. But in my experience, this can take up to a day to send i.e. overnight.
- Outside of Gauteng:  Overnight courier service is used. So your order will be delivered overnight. Latest delivery time I have encountered is approximately 2days but it is usually overnight.
- Outside of Gauteng and in a “remote” area (specified by the courier company):  your order can take up to 2 days to arrive. If you would like to know if you fall into this category beforehand, you are welcome to contact us.

15. If I select the local pick up option to collect my plants, where abouts do I meet you?

At an Engen garage near my place on Linksfield off-ramp (JHB). If you have selected this option, I will contact you once your order has been changed to the “Payment accepted” status (after your payment has been cleared or if proof of payment has been received).

16. I just received my order. What is the best way to store them before I get home to make sure that they don’t die/melt?


Your package should arrive in a plastic courier bag. I package my plants in labelled plastic bags inside of a re-sealable bag inside of a cardboard box cello taped.

When you receive your order, you can take it out to inspect it if you would like. Just remember: 1. Please reseal the re-sealable bags once you have had a look- don’t leave the bag open for too long as it loses humidity and plants can dry out. 2. These plants are temperature sensitive. So please store them appropriately. In a dark area in a room at room temperature is best. Nothing too cold like in a fridge and nothing too hot like in a car on a hot day. 3. Plant the plants as soon as you can


17. Do you wholesale?

We used to but not at the moment. Sorry.

18. How much/many plants do I get per portion?

There is a “Minimum Number” specified for each plant when you click on the product – HOWEVER, 95% of the time, we give a lot more than that. Sometimes even up to twice the minimum number. It all depends on how much of the plant we have.

19. Do you import your plants? Can you import something of interest for me?

Unfortunately, no we do not import or offer this service. We grow and keep 90% of all our stock in our greenhouse. We do order "Anubia" range of plants from time to time so keep an eye out for those!

20. Do you have other plants available besides on your site?

I most likely do as I usually have one or 2 portions of plants that are still growing out. These plants won’t be on my site since I usually don’t have enough quantity to sell them. I will not list these for you as it is quite a mission to get an inventory. BUT, if there is a specific plant that you need / want and you have seen this plant around SA, I most likely have it. Please query the availability of the plant so I can see if I have it or if I can source it for you. Please contact me via email. Please note that we do not import any plants at all.

21. I don’t have a bank account. Can I pay directly into your account at a bank branch?

Yes, of course.

22. I don’t have a bank account and I would like to collect from you. Can I pay you in cash when we meet?

We don’t prefer this option (for security reasons) but in special circumstances we will allow this. Again, please contact us to arrange this.

23. How and when is my order status changed?

“Payment Accepted”- This status is used when your payment has been cleared into our account or when your proof of payment has been received. “Shipped” – This status is used when your order has been sent. (an email confirmation will be sent to you when this is done followed shortly by a tracking number with details of where to track your order) “Delivered” – This is used usually when there has been no issues with your order. (this is assumed. If this is incorrect, please contact us)